Wednesday, January 12, 2011


A reader named Suzanne posted a comment earlier, but unfortunately, it looks like her comment was only copied to my Email and not posted, so I'll repost the link to her site, Friendly Aquaponics.  While I have only had time to skim the site, their approach looks quite interesting, especially to people who are exploring new models of food production in a post-collapse era. 

I ran across this site, Porta-Bote, this morning while checking my mail.  I don't know enough about the product to be able to speak for or against it, but the idea of having a boat which can break down into a small package for transportation and storage makes a lot of sense.  Having mobility across water can be invaluable, especially in an era where land travel may become increasingly more difficult due to a decaying infrastructure, etc.  It may also open opportunities for food gathering that are otherwise not available.

This is an interesting story about how the Fed's quantitative easing is actually done, along with an admission that it's basically a "Hail Mary" to try to alleviate the problems with the economy right now. 

Finally, I saw that LATOC's Breaking News section has been archived and no new content is being posted.  While Matt Savinar was a little hysterical when summarizing the articles (ie:  the jackass who blew through a 30 million dollar inheritance was classified as an example of people being forced to downsize due to the economy, not due to stupidity), he was a good aggregator for collapse-related news.  If anyone else knows of a site with similar content (lots of links to current news stories about collapse), I would like to know about it. 


  1. carolyn baker puts out daily news summaries linked to collapse.

  2. you could try

  3. The absolute best one-stop web site for daily updates, commentary and analysis is . Carolyn baker has a column also.

    WC Nitram

  4. is an excellent place that gathers a ton of content on the current state of our economy. It is a message board with a lot of like-minded individuals who are convinced the States is headed over a cliff at warp speed. Excellent commentary by posters too.